From Spin-Class to Brunch – How Activewear Is Making Its Mark In the Industry

Activewear - comfortable, flexible and the newest addition to our wardrobes. Over the past few years, the style has grown to become one of the hottest fashion trends to take the globe. What used to be strictly gym or fitness-wear, the new category of clothing is now walking off the treadmill and onto catwalks in... Continue Reading →

European Summer – A Guy’s Guide

It's usually around this time of year when the temperature drops to anything below 15 degrees, Australian guys and gals jet off to Europe and other parts of the world to escape the cold. But I guess you could say we're pretty used to the warmth considering the continent is basically a desert island with... Continue Reading →

Tweeting & Engaging – Part II

Hi, it's me again! As per my first blog post about my experiences live-tweeting in my BCM325 class, it’s only fair to take into consideration the feedback I had been given about my reflection. Live-tweeting over the past 12 weeks now has enabled me to engage a whole lot more than I expected with sci-fi... Continue Reading →

Reflect & Construct – Part II

Hi, it’s me again. As I discussed in my first reflection post, feedback is important to provide a foundation for new ideas research and project construction. This blog post follows on this idea but focuses on the middle to final stages of my classmate’s digital artefacts. Engaging with their BETA presentations, I have been able... Continue Reading →

Race, Religion & Soda – An Ethical Explainer

What Happened? On 5 April 2017, Pepsi released its newest advertisement for what we assume was the new font used on its fizzed drink. From a viewer’s perspective, this was the most confusing advertisement produced by Pepsi corporation. So, what made this advertisement so controversial? Regardless of Pepsi including the reality star Kendall Jenner in... Continue Reading →

Thinking Green – Sustainable Fashion

While David Attenborough films climate change and the rest of us buy keep cups and metal straws, it's time for the Fashion Industry to start taking notes. According to the 'Measuring Fashion - 2018 Report', (read the full paper here), each aspect of the industry (footwear & apparel) accounted for an estimate of 8.1% of global... Continue Reading →

Tweeting & Engaging – Part I

Prior to attending my first BCM325 seminar, I had no idea what the concept of live-  tweeting was. As a marketing major, I wasn't completely aware that live-tweeting played such an important role in this subject but over the past 6 weeks. I found that is such a prominent and interesting tool for learning. This... Continue Reading →

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