Hello World.

Hi, I’m Lachy and welcome!

As I enter my very first year of University at UOW studying Communication and Media, I write with a complete blank mind. As an individual, I’ve never been able to create well-written statements or blogs for this sake, except for essays in school. I see myself as more of a visual writer. I like to show what messages I want to convey, what I’ve learnt and my creativity as an individual.

I sat my first lecture yesterday with Ted, ‘Convergent Media Practices’ and he taught us all about the structure and the overview of the topic. Ted told us that the subject allows us to create our own online persona, going public with everything we do and say on both our blogs and twitter accounts. The importance of going public is to allow us to understand the many ways in which online content can be received by individuals. We had watched a short video, informing us that in 2008, twitter users spread the message of an earthquake faster than it was felt in NY (if that made sense). This shows how expanse the world of technology and social media is, reflecting back to our lecture when Ted mentioned the convergence of media and it’s flow of content across platforms.

I’ve always wondered about becoming my own persona online, being known and having that publicity. It’s kind of like fame but I don’t have my own reality show, I only take nice photos. It’s my dream to one day travel, photograph and show the world the untouched and unseen wonders of the world.

Back to reality now, stay tuned with my blog! You’ll find photos by me with some random speech about its meaning and weekly posts of what we’ve learnt with Ted!

Also don’t forget to follow both my twitter + instagram pages! You’ll find them in the tabs on the side.

Keep on being you, Lachy.


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