Piracy, it’s a crime. Eh whatever.

Hey guys and welcome back!

This week we spoke about Copyright structures and industry control in bcm112 (convergent media practices). Copyright hasn’t always been around and neither has piracy but it’s changed the way we view and read the things in front of us.

So, After trying to figure out a) how to do a podcast and b) how to not hate hearing my voice 5 times, here’s what I got. Also, you might want to turn the volume down for the start, you’ll see why! Have a listen, take it in and let me know what you guys think!

P.S ignore my annoying voice and speech issues, I’m not a public speaker… 🙂

Image: blogs.indiewire.com

6 thoughts on “Piracy, it’s a crime. Eh whatever.

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  1. Hi Lachy! You’re post was great! Very comical. I especially loved the use of the piracy advertisement tune that everyone so easily identifies with and the picture background in your sound cloud! I’ve never seen that before so it is definitely something to take on board for when I make my own. I also found your take on copyright interesting because I know I personally forgot to think about just how many people so often disobey copy right laws and on purpose! It really is something that is becoming a massive issue in the movie and television production industries as you were saying so I think its a very valid point in regards to this weeks discussion on the oppressive effects of Copyright . Probably because of that I would have liked to hear maybe what your thoughts were in regards to that; Are you saying that piracy is an example of how copyright isn’t causing as many limitations as people think? Or are you giving it as an example of how, because of copyrights strict limitations, people are rebelling in the form of pirating films etc. Perhaps you could have talked about how Netflix and Amazon have recaptured some previous piracy users, and influenced them to use legitimate channels in order to point out that piracy hasn’t completely abolished the use of legitimate channels and respect for copyright? You can find it discussed here -http://www.forbes.com/sites/karstenstrauss/2013/03/06/tv-and-film-piracy-threatening-an-industry/#173563875e0e


    1. Hey thanks so much for your input!
      I’ll have to take your second point, I feel like we rebel against it in order to not feel restricted to what we can/cannot watch. I’ll for sure check out the link!
      – Lachy


  2. Hey Lachy!
    First of all, I really admire how your podcast covers the topic of copyright laws and piracy from a really relatable angle, incorporating a number of references to pop culture like ‘the Kardashians’. Another promising addition to podcast was the inclusion of the traditional piracy themed audio file which has been used in the past to warn the public about piracy. It in particular engaged me as a viewer immediately which is exactly what your blog should be aiming to do. What I would suggest to you, is that because you are already discussing the topic of movie piracy maybe you could discuss copyright laws in the music industry. Specifically, you could discuss how websites which convert YouTube clips to MP3 files for free listening are constantly pulled down or blocked by video restrictions. If you wanted to delve even further into the topic you could even discuss how artists such as Taylor Swift prevent their music from being used by platforms such as ‘Spotify’ or ‘Guvera’ forcing fans to purchase the album in order to access the full range of songs and attempt to trademark particular lyrical quotes. For more information you can visit this link: http://www.billboard.com/articles/business/6465331/taylor-swift-trademark-phrases-this-sick-beat-1989
    Regards, Paulina


  3. Hey! Thank you for making a post about copyright that interests me! Discussing the Kardashians and other pop culture references is definitely a pro for me and added to my thoughts and opinions on the topic! Movie Piracy for me I believe is a good way to talk about Copyright as there is a lot of controversy surounding streaming sites such as Pirate bay. I believe on this issue that because many unreleased songs/movies/tv shows are copyrighted and often taken down that listeners/viewers are rebelling against legitimate websites such as “Tidal” and “Spoitfy” and this hurting entertainers. Maybe you could of mentioned the case of Robin Thicke and Pharrell being sued over copying the hit “gotta give it up” by Marvin Gaye? As it is the most famous case on copyright. Love all your blogs, thank you for your interesting views on each topic!

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  4. Hey Lachy,
    I thought you created a very fun and insightful post this week. I really enjoyed the topic you chosen, piracy, and how you chose to give it a current and modern spin by relating it to issues that are relevant in today’s society. The use of the tune at the beginning was a very nice touch, as I think anybody would be able to recognise it. Not only did you make your podcast more relatable by adding in current pop culture references, you also made some really good points, especially with your discussion of the movie industry, and how it is suffering due to piracy. Whether people forget that it is against the law, or they choose to do it anyway, piracy is against the law, and is continuing to cause problems for big movie industries, and it is something you discussed in a really valid way. The only thing I would add, and the comments above seemed to pick up on it as well, is that your discussion could have included how piracy affects the music industry. An interesting look is specifically, how it is actually affecting not only big artists, but also new emerging artists (I’ll post a link that I found really interesting at the end). It is a direction that could bring a really interesting discussion. That being said, I did really enjoy this week’s post!

    ~ Brendon

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  5. Hi Lachy! I really enjoyed listening to your podcast, It was definitely very relatable with the way you introduced pop culture such as the Kardashians. The infamous ‘piracy is a crime’ tune played at the start and finish was very quirky and also made your point on piracy more noticeable. Perhaps discussing topics like ‘The Dallas Buyers Club’ or converting youtube music to mp3 would make your stance on piracy much stronger. Overall, your post has definitely given me a new perspective on piracy and copyright.


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