Power, portrayal and perspective.

This week in BCM110, we discussed Media Industries and the source of power they hold with what we read and view on television and other forms of media platforms. Everything we see is controlled by individuals and to me, this is somewhat scary. Here’s what I think;

The media is everywhere we go and look whether we notice or not. It can be fun, insightful and overall informal and can change the way we look at things. But what we see and hear is under complete control by one or two individuals. Television icons such as James Packer and Bruce Gordon are two of the most powerful people in the television business. They are the ones who control what we see and have the capability of changing and shaping the way content is viewable by the public eye.

Bruce Gordon; owner of WIN Television regional networks has a net worth of over $570million. He is the man who shows Wollongong just how basic our home town is.

James Packer, on the other hand, runs Channel Ten, alongside Foxtel also. All your box office movies and Disney Channel subscriptions go to this guy. Packer has a net worth of over $4billion.

The media has forever been available to us since the introduction of newspapers. It brings people together and shares the issues, news and entertainment with the public. But why does it have to be controlled by ONE or TWO particular people? Media industries are like a game for these billionaires, they control what’s being shown and get money from views and buyers of the public. To me, this is bias. News is always bias in my opinion.

Using the recent bombings in Brussels, Germany, as an example automatically the media is there, showing the horrific event, broadcasting is across the globe at a rapid pace. Sympathy, chaos and anger are formed from the viewers, some turn to twitter and Facebook (the faded flag of Germany is placed on photos etc.). But then there are people who question those who control the media and why they don’t broadcast other bombings/murders in countries who aren’t in the spotlight. Recent events such as; http://www.mirror.co.uk/news/uk-news/pakistan-terror-attack-suicide-bomber-7638270 where a suicide bomber had entered a playground and killed over 50 people including children in Pakistan DID NOT receive just as much publicity or alert. This is the definition of media industries, its what the people in power believe is a better story, what’ll make them more money and it shows how manipulative they are towards the public eye. Two suicide bombings and the murder of innocent people yet one isn’t as “important” due to its place in the world. Europe over the Middle East. This is a joke.

In more than one way, what we see and hear is manipulated by such a minority of people. Money and power are what make media industries and they both have a way of changing the way we look at information across the globe. You might think that the man who crashed into a pole is a big issue but on the other side of the globe, some guy has just murdered 20 children in a primary school. What’s the big issue here?

That’s all from me, let me know what you think!






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  1. Hey just letting you know that with the flag that is faded under people’s profiles, it’s the flag of Belgium not Germany. Although they are practically identical.


  2. First off this blog post is so clear and logically set out that my brain thanks you for making it easy to read and thus easy to engage in! That statistics you have provided about the money these people make are really interesting and are a great way to get me interested in what you are talking about as I feel the need to know more about these wealthy people and the control they have over me. The voice you have created in your blog is good in a way it allows you to really show your point of view on the issue you are talking about. Its helpful that you stick to a one sided argument so that i can full grasp what it is you are trying to say. The use of a link for people to gain more information themselves as well as be interested is good as it creates space for me to think about what you are saying and how this relates. My only thoughts on your blog to improve would be to add an image, as a visual learner, i think myself and others would really benefit and understand what you are saying more if we could visually see it.
    But in the end a tops post with a clear idea on the issue.
    Abby ~Louise


  3. Love this blog post. The train of thought in the text is very clear and easy to follow which allows for the points your making to be recognised clearly. I liked the route you went down for this concept as well. Why should a couple of European people being killed in an attack as sad as it is get more airtime then victims of bombings? I agree with your concern of the level of control these people have over what we see. What else are they manipulating if they completely blast us with information on Brussels but send barely a whisper about the Middle East.


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