Let me watch what I want.

Hey guys so this week in BCM112, we discussed “Gatekeepers” on the internet. The guys who control what you post, read and access when surfing any platform on the internet.

Over time, we have become the gatekeepers to our own information and are able to control what we post/cannot post. For example, when you post a photo of you with a drink in your hand at the age of 15 and your mum tells you she’s disappointed but you were drunk so it doesn’t matter right?…

Anyway, so if I were to break it down, Netflix is a major Gatekeeper when deciding what people can and can’t watch. They use the little IP Addresses on your computer to determine where you live and what shows/movies/docos you’re able to watch in your country. To some of us, this is the most inconvenient thing that could happen, we just want to access 10 times more TV shows!

So there you have it, gatekeepers such as Netflix control what we can watch depending on location, our servers and our connection etc. Simple and a little informative!

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One thought on “Let me watch what I want.

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  1. Hey Lachy, keen as always to listen to your vents. I may have snorted out loud at your meme. And also at what I’m assuming is a personal anecdote. Lotta phlegm going on here. Anyway, anyway, anyway, your Netflix example was super succinct but on the other hand how come Netflix are jerks? Like, are they trying to cater to what they reckon the ‘strayans want? It’s like HBO not just streaming Game of Thrones already. WHY. Give the people what they want already!


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