We want to know it all.

This week in BCM110, we discussed ‘Media Convergence’ and were asked what it means to us. As I already attend a “Convergent Media Practices” class this semester, BCM110 helps me look at convergence on a more relatable scale. So here we go;

Media convergence is the flow of content across multiple media platforms, the cooperation between media industries, and the migratory behaviour of media audiences…” – H.Jenkins. This meaning that the content we view on any given platform such as Facebook, Instagram etc. can be expanded across the entire web just by clicking “Like” or “Share”. Media convergence is one of the most simple and useful ways of allowing your own content to be shared amongst the internet.

As a frequent user of Instagram (@l.achy), I am able to get into contact with branders and smaller online companies and it allows me to market or “shoutout” their products. People are always asking me why I’m so obsessed with it well hey, I’m getting free items and helping someone else by just taking a photo.

I’m getting off track here but Instagram allows daily users and businesses to interact with the products that are available online. Media Convergence plays a large factor in marketing and branding items on social media platforms. Those funny-looking Asian websites selling cheap clothing on Facebook make a small fraction of money just by someone clicking on the ad, and people are actually paid to post the photos you like (Kendall Jenner for example).

Media Convergence to me is our future. Nowadays we are so caught up in the world of alerts and notifications and having all our information and accessibility in our hands. There will never be a time where the media and what we see will be limited like old days. To me, this makes me nervous. There WILL be a day where someone will constantly know what I do and where I am without me posting a photo of avocado toast and cafe in Newtown. We will always want to know everything and convergence makes that far too easy for us.

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  1. Great post Lachy. I can particularly relate as I am also a frequent user of Instagram. You make some great points particularly that first sentence of your last paragraph when you quote “we’re caught up in the world of alerts and notifications and having all our information and accessibility in our hands.” This is very true. Modern days are now 100% relied on modern technology. How can a human in 2016 function without an iPhone? That’s what I gained from your blog. Additionally, what a fact about Kendall Jenner! Imagine earning that much money from social media per post…

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  2. Really insightful and well written! It enabled me to understand the topic of “Media Convergence” more so thoroughly and allowed me to gain insight on another person’s views towards this topic. I had no idea that you could even promote products through Instagram and found this extremely interesting, I will have to try it in the near future! The Convergence of media also creates anxiety in myself, when will fantasy become reality? If I had to say anything, possible expansion of your thoughts and possibly outside sources to boost what your saying could definitely make this post better.

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  3. Hey,
    What an awesome and insightful blog for media convergence! You explained and discussed the interrelationship between media convergence and audiences extremely well. I also liked how you took a particular focus on audiences and users participation on instagram which made the post, not only insightful, but clear, concise and within the word limit. It is crazy to think how much people earn from a single post of a photo. I also enjoyed the aspect you took from the lecture on ‘how does media convergence affect you’ by expressing you concerns on the matter and how individual privacy is something that needs to be noted. The only constructive feedback that I can suggest is to provide some further readings and sources related to the topics discussed.
    Keep up the good work
    Eb 🙂

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  4. Hey Lachy, You have written your blog really well, and you have explained the phenomenon of Media Convergence with so much ease, that almost anyone would be able to relate with it. Yes, I know its almost unbelievable to know that people can make so much money out of these social networking sites, however its even true that this is actually the future of marketing. I would only like to suggest that you could mention a few more details regarding your experience with media convergence, as I really wanted to know if you have experienced any sort of disadvantaged because of this process. I would just conclude by saying it was absolutely worth my time 🙂

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  5. I found this post really engaging and relatable. I am also a frequent user of Instagram and I really agree with all the points that you have made in regards to that social media platform, like the comment about how it is so easy to engage with online sellers and small businesses. I like how you included the fact about Kendall Jenner as it really shows just how powerful social media, in particular Instagram, can be. After reading your post I found that I understood Media Convergence more, as you really broke it down and simplified it making it easy for your readers to understand.

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  6. Great article on convergence Lachy! You really summarised convergence well and I couldn’t agree more that Jenkins’ definition is very accurate. I can definitely see convergence shaping our future. In fact, I believe it already has played quite a large role in shaping where we are today: for instance the multi functioning phones that we keep in our pockets that aren’t so much phones any more as they are a device that connects us to the world around us. Instead of performing the function of a phone that just allows you to call another individual, these devices now allow a connection with billions of other users – a feat only achieved through converging media. Great post though, keep it up!


  7. Good stuff Lachy, definitely covered some of the same points you did and agree completely. Good work on choosing a topic that’s close to your viewers minds and hearts (Instagram <3) and relevant to our generation, makes these topics a lot easier to understand for me! This rapidly moving revolution of convergence can be scary, true! Many privacy issues may arise, It's daunting to think of the advances we are making. But let's not forget, this convergence is also giving power to the people! We are no longer passively consuming, and are in a state of paradigmatic transition. We are able to share and create, we can contribute! We are able to do all of these things with the click of a finger on our iPhones with access to so many applications in one. I agree, this convergence is beneficial to many businesses looking to expand and market and definitely beneficial for the Kardashian/Jenner clan. Great post, thanks for your insight! x


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