Let’s get creative.

This week in BCM112 we discussed Craft and Digital making. This topic is a little interesting considering I’m into all that artsy stuff! I’ve gone out of my comfort zone and made a YouTube video this week describing what this weeks topic is all about.

Basically, we’ve got technology today that can enhance our creativity and for our creative minds, it’s like we’ve hit the jackpot with being able to design what we want and how we want it.

So check out my video, there are some links below and let me know what you think because it only took 5 re-takes…!

Horrible YouTube vid here…

Tatsuo Horiuchi’s work – https://beyondmidtones.wordpress.com/2012/12/09/jeff-wall-mimic/




2 thoughts on “Let’s get creative.

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  1. Hey Lachy
    I really enjoyed reading your post and watching your video! I agree with your points about technology and how its creating more opportunities for creativity. If you’re interested in other digital artists, specifically glitch artists i found this really talented artist who does some great work that he shares on his blog https://matstpierre.wordpress.com/category/abstractions/
    I found your video to be really interesting and informative, not to mention it was well made and good quality. So well done !
    Ainsley x


  2. Hey Lachy! Nice video! Your points about technology developing potential for creative processes and examples that you mentioned are all valid and interesting! Your video was informative and detailed and obviously you’ve put alot of thought into it! I’d recommend having a clearer idea of what you wanna say and how but overall was really good! Your picture of Barrack Obama was creative as well and i’m really impressed because i never thought to do anything like that! Great blog 🙂


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