Public Shaming or Public Sphere?

If you asked me what you think is the most “controversial topic” I can think of. It’s Kim Kardashian. Let’s be real here, she has a lot of haters but as a celebrity figure, a mother and a daughter of one of the most famous families in reality TV she does stand for who she is; a powerful female figure.

I’m not going to ramble on about Kimmy K and her fame but I’m going to help you shape your views on her as a person. The media today, especially social media has made it easier for a lot of us to express our opinions and that’s OK but hold up on the bias cmon.

This week in our BCM110 class we closely analysed the “Public Sphere” – the place where people can get the latest news, discuss issues of the day and debate each other’s opinions based on what we were fed… Little did you know, ALL of us are caught up in its circulation. Technology and the media have made it easier for us to discuss these topics via online forums, comments, likes and tagging our friends. The public sphere allows us to view what’s going VIRAL.

Kim Kardashian became the focus of the media, she was the “talk” of the public sphere and she might have made some cash from it…But if we talk real here, besides the shaming of her body and talking about how her children will see this one day, Kimmy K is pretty much an ambassador for body positivity and not being ashamed of who you are. 10-20 years into the future and this will be available for us to view because of the public sphere twists and changes.

You could argue that her fame came from a sex tape or you could argue she’s a powerful female role-model for younger girls across the globe and the public sphere lets you do this. It allows us to argue, share our thoughts and for some “hate” on topics such as Kim Kardashian.

So there’s my opinion, some facts and pretty much a rundown on what the go is with the “Public Sphere”. Kim Kardashian is an idol and a disgrace, the more you tweet and post comments about her, displays the circulation of the public sphere. Go ahead, enjoy your scrolling and posting, it’s only bringing us closer together bae. That’s all from me this week!



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