Hi guys and welcome back. This week in BCM112 the discussion of transexuals was not involved. What I was meant to say was “Transmedia”. This is basically storytelling on a whole other level. I’ve made a PREZI to pretty much detail what I’m rambling on about so go and check that out. Let me know what you think in the comments below and if you have any questions!

– Lachy.




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  1. Hi Lachy, this post is informative and I love the way you picked up a specific example: Pine Point to reflect what you understand about transmedia. I saw that in the prezi you’ve mentioned some of the effects of Pine Point to the audience, are the effects the same when it comes to other transmedia stuffs such as Star Wars, The Matrix, etc.?
    Just a link that I came across and I think it maybe helpful for you if you want to discover more about the topic:
    This is a nice post! Keep up the good work! 🙂


  2. hi! Your blog post was actually the one that helped me to understand transmedia! Creating a Prezi for this topic was a good choice as it is complex to understand in 150 words. Your examples of The Matrix, Harry Potter and Star Wars opened my eyes and made me look at these films in a different way and how they fall under being Transmedia. Pine Point was great to show how a story can be told through pictures to gain sympathy and tell the residents story. Did it effect you the way it intended to?
    My only suggestion is maybe you could of hyperlinked Pine Point so your readers can directly see what you’re telling us about? But overall good post! can’t wait to read your others. 🙂


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