Everyone’s a DJ.

This week we spoke “Remix Culture” and how it basically works. Pretty much a remix is a mix of songs to make one or a cover of one song made up by several others.

Today anyone can pretty much make their own songs (keeping in mind copyright…) and well YouTube lets us do this. Living in Wollongong, pretty much anyone who owns a turntable or a laptop is a DJ but it’s people like DJ Earworm who absolutely nail remixed songs.

DJ Earworm is famous for creating songs that include all the favourites from an entire year. Since 2008, Earworm has created one song full of many, topping charts and making them hits. DJ Earworm is a great example of Remix Culture as he shows how advanced technology is today that allows individuals to produce pieces easily.

Even online viral videos are becoming remixes, Vine videos combined with a great hit make them ten times funnier. Just like this one: Watch me.

– Lachy.

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  1. Hey Lachy,
    Really great blog post. You are 100% right when you stated the fact that “Living in Wollongong, pretty much anyone who owns a turntable or a laptop is a DJ”, its too true and I couldn’t agree more. Anybody who is exposed to any sort of audio mixing nowadays can easily compose a remix and may classify themselves as a DJ (even though they are not). But the concept you were getting at was spot on an the vine at the end was so hilarious, absolutely topped off your blog post. May I suggest a few more examples for future reference?! Other than that, good work!!
    Alison 🙂

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  2. Hey,
    I really liked your blog post and i agree with your point that just about anyone is able to be a DJ nowadays due to the availability of the relevant technology, i was wondering, what are your thoughts are on the idea that the nature of Dj-ing is changing with technology ? If you were interested in further exploration of remix culture i found a really great article that you might find http://marketingland.com/remix-culture-rethinking-what-we-call-original-content-41791
    I also think the addition of the image added a really funny and relevant visual element to your post. Overall a really great post!
    Ainsley x


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