I’m a journalist, you’re a journalist, we’re all getting a career!

Citizen Journalist: the collection, dissemination, and analysis of news and information by the general public, especially by means of the Internet.

This week in BCM112, I sat zoning in and out of the lecture when Ted pretty much told us we’re all journalists. Citizen journalism includes the vast majority of us today, anyone with a smartphone, a camera or a Facebook account can be a journalist today. The growth of technology has allowed individuals to pretty much take up a career in a different field free of authority.

We are actively taking part of spreading news across the globe faster than any reporter on the scene of an issue. Social media platforms such as Twitter and Facebook have enabled this and authority has zero control over this. This YouTube vid pretty much sums up how huge it is today: TELL ME MORE

For example, remember MH17 in 2014? When innocent people were killed in a plane crash and it had something to do with the rebels in Russia well some guy by the name of Elliot Higgins and his team of “citizen journalists” (pretty much people with mobile phones and a Twitter account) led an online investigation to locate a launcher that was being transported during the time of the incident. I won’t give too much detail but check it out: SAY WHAT?

Citizen Journalism is a thing now and we should all get with it. Authority cannot stop our Instagram posts or tweets, it’s time to rid newspapers and have minute alerts on what exactly is going on in the world, what are your thoughts? Is this a good idea? Should authority control what we see and how we write it?

– Lachy.


https://youtu.be/kY-l9UQpf0Y – Accessed Sunday 8th May 2016

http://mashable.com/2014/07/23/citizen-journalists-mh17-spies/#jJKlrfI5Egqw – Accessed 8th May 2016


2 thoughts on “I’m a journalist, you’re a journalist, we’re all getting a career!

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  1. While I don’t completely agree with your opinion on citizen journalism I do appreciate reading a post that completely differs from mine! Check it out if you’d like https://sarahannexo.wordpress.com/2016/05/04/the-rise-of-citizen-journalism/ The example you’ve used supports the point you’re making about citizen journalism being a good thing because it lacks the authority and people can post whatever they find about the issue, in your case the missing plane. Overall a good read!


  2. Hey Lachy,

    In response to the question you asked about whether authority should control what we see and how we write it, firstly this is pretty impossible with the technology available today as mentioned in your post, but also citizen journalism today is pretty much the foundation for ‘authority’ news. This is supported in a reading I found this week by Lorenzana who says citizen journalism is vital to the process of news making, have a look if you’re interested: http://www.academia.edu/10135944/Citizen_Journalism_Positive_and_Negative_Realities_of_Putting_the_Power_in_the_Peoples_Hands
    In my opinion I’m not really sure what makes a journalist a ‘professional’
    The first eye witnesses at an event are always citizen journalists, they just don’t have the credibility to be labeled a professional. But who is to say that ‘credible sources’ such as 7 News aren’t twisting the truth too?



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