Annotated Bibliography Part I

For my Digital Artefact, a group of us have started a Facebook page for UOW graduates. Here we share stories from their time at UOW and see where their degree has taken them.

Below is a list of 10 sources covering the overall focus of our artefact:

1. YouTube Video:

This YouTube video follows a step-by-step process users of Photoshop Elements can use to help reduce blurriness of their images. “Captain Money” demonstrates a basic understanding of the app and makes it easy for new/experiences users of the software to understand. The video is a great source for my Digital Artefact as at the beginning, my group found it difficult to apply these changes on the photos people had sent in for posting. Two of the members are design students so with applied background knowledge and the help of the video, it allowed posts to be viewed professionally and not “tacky”.

2. Article:

The Digital Artefact my group has chosen includes interviewing people about their experiences and overall thoughts of the studying at the University of Wollongong. The source I’ve provided gives suggestions of interview questions and answers that are available for people to read. Our Digital Artefact focuses on University Alumni students and we provide them with questions such as; “What did you like most about UOW?” or “Where has your degree taken you today?”. These questions are basically all we need to provide a story of people’s experiences at Uni. Analysing the questions, they are helpful for our artefact as they provide both Do’s and Don’ts when answering the questions, which will be effective for our contributors.

3. Weblog:

UndocuGrads is a WordPress created by Carolina Valdivia to share the stories of undocumented immigrants. The aim of the website was inspired by Valdivia’s colleagues (also immigrants studying at San Diego University) to “give back” to her fellow undocumented immigrants and inspire them to also study and set a pathway for their future. The weblog gives guidance for our artefact, this meaning that our layout will be, photos and written stories of each person interviewed and their story will be told just like in Carolina’s blog. The source provides a simple layout in which we are following throughout the project and allows readers to view it more effectively. The weblog is a great way to provide stories of a minority that isn’t really mentioned and we have collectively followed the path of sharing stories of graduates at UOW.

4. Weblog:

Brandon Stanton’s ‘Humans Of New York’ has become one of the largest photographic story-telling weblogs in the world. Over a period of time and now into the present, Stanton has documented stories of hundreds of people and shared them across the internet. Stanton’s idea was one of the main inspirations we decided to document the stories of past students. It’s what we see that perceives our opinions but when you sit down and ask them what it was like and if at any point there was a struggle, that makes it interesting. Stanton’s weblog is a great source for our artefact as it is basically the same except with University students that have graduated. Analysing the source, it is an excellent reference to our artefact and allows us to gain inspiration through both his weblog and Instagram page.

5. Tumblr:

Faces of UOW began as an artefact just like ours and has increased in publicity ever since. The creators document the lives and stories of students at UOW and ask them random questions wanting an interesting or plain response. As the creators of a similar artefact, we have only chosen to use Facebook as a platform, where Faces of UOW use a whole range. Analysing the source, Faces of UOW works alongside the other source “Faces of New York” and will be used as a baseline for my research for “UOW: Where Are They Now?”. Faces of UOW is limited however, as they only focuses on limited aspects of university life. Overall, Faces of UOW will allow me to form a further understanding of achieving a target audience and provide them with interesting stories in the future.



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