Annotated Bibliography Part II

6. Short Film/Documentary:

This source is a documentary following the the lives of those living in the University of Alabama. What started out to be a short film, soon became a documentary directed by Olivia Grider. The main concept of it for students to step out of their comfort zones and see things from someone else’s perspective. This is a great source for my artefact “UOW: Where Are They Now?”, as it not only shares the stories of past students but it also allows readers to look at university life in someone else’s eyes and react with their stories positively. Documenting Justice by Olivia Grider is an excellent source for my artefact as it provides information for us to be able to interact with the audience and make an impact on our readers.

7. Article:

As the main focus of our assessment is creating an online persona and sharing pieces with the public, this source suggests the best ways to reach the public on Facebook. Our artefact ‘Faces of UOW – Where are they now?’ only uses Facebook to interact with its audiences. Sharing the stories of graduate students may come across as interesting to audiences and this is mainly what we are going for. Gunelius outlines all aspects of creating a page and how to enhance its ability for reaching larger audiences. Some of these topics focus on the detail of the page; the profile picture, promoting without the use of money (for example, other media platforms). Reaching an audience can be hard to do at first but Gunelius demonstrates the ten easiest ways to go about this.

8. YouTube Video:

The main focus of ‘UOW Where Are They Now?’ is to share the stories of graduated students and this YouTube video demonstrates the overall goal we set for our artefact. Although we didn’t use video format, the interview/writing piece tells the stories of people along with the image. James Sutherland in the video discussed his overall university experience and where he wanted his degree to take him. The channel is made for all philosophy students but it might gain more publicity if they included a large range of degrees just like our artefact. Also, the discussion of where his degree could take him is minimal so the expansion of where he sees himself in the future could have made it more inclusive and exciting. Overall, the video is a great source for our artefact as it underlines our overall target for its purpose.

9. YouTube Video:

This source is another great example of the target “UOW Where Are They Now?” as it documents people at a graduation ceremony at Wilmington University USA. The interviewers let them tell the stories of the university and why they chose the degree they studied. Our artefact focuses on these aspects, the life stories and the goals UOW graduates have set and allow audiences to interact with the viewers. The video randomizes their interviewees which creates a exciting mood as they change from degree to another. An aspect of improvement was to spend more time with the graduates and talk about their experiences and how they juggled their lives out of university. But the source is yet another underlining example of the overall goal of our artefact.

10. Website:

For my final source, DigiPen is a website made by students from a technology university. It includes a range of interviews with people from different degrees and asks them several detail questions in relation to what they studied. This is generally an overall outlook our artefact has. We ask people to write a story and answer a few questions about their degree and then post it in a format easy enough for viewers to read. The layout of the website and the inclusion of a photo of the graduate makes it easy for readers to understand and related to the interview on a visual level. The source is a great example for our artefact as it includes all elements in which we have used.

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