“Having an Instagram account means that what you post, is not the real you”… FALSE!

This week in BCM112, the topic of “online personas’ and “micro-celebrities” was discussed and I’m going to be honest…I didn’t pay attention. I was too busy posting a photo of my shoes…getting into my car…

persona (link is an article, not a definition) is pretty much what we create using Facebook, Instagram, Tumblr etc. Your persona on each and every platform you use is/can be different from the others. For example, I might just want to rant about the traffic on Facebook but while I do that, on Instagram I’ll take a photo, add a filter on VSCO and post it with the caption #sunsettraffic.

I have an Instagram account, but that does not mean I change who I am based on the photos I take. The photos I take seem to be appealing but I don’t consider myself “famous” (micro-celebrity). Not everyone is an online sensation, take Jay Alvarrez and Alexis Ren, immediately used as marketing objects for companies and paid to travel the world and make Youtube videos and post photoshopped images on Instagram. Some people take Instagram too seriously, I confess, I tend to get a little crazy but this is ok. I aspire to be like some people, not Kylie Jenner and get a crown on Snapchat but someone like Adam Gallagher. I use my Instagram account as a showcase of who I am, I don’t know about anyone else but shouldn’t we all?

Scary fact, you can buy an Instagram account for $50-10,000 US dollars: People (aka teenagers) are legitimately SELLING their Instagram accounts with a high following. So if you’ve got 40,000 followers or more, you’re set for some dough. This is insane. I recently spoke to some online and they were charging $100 for their own personal accounts and passwords. Check it out: Buy fame here

Our online personas should not define who we are, they are to show who we are. You can do whatever you like, post a photo of your french toast or your dog, add a couple of hashtags. But if you want, add a filter, boost that contrast and tag Nike in your photo of your fresh sneakers. Online, you can be whoever you want to be but my advice, be yourself. You do you.

That’s my little rant, tell me your thoughts! Do you agree?


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  1. The notion that people will pay money for followers is just ridiculous. Why do you think people do it? Having a certain amount of followers on any social media platform doesn’t do anything besides give you personal gratification in my opinion. I agree that your online persona shoudn’t define you as a person, but as you said, some people take it so seriously.

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  2. I agree with your opinion so much, people take Instagram way too seriously and have become reliant on it as a way to present themselves and communicate/ interact with the world around them. I did not know you could sell your Instagram account for money if you had loads of followers though!
    I really like all the different links and information you’ve put in your post, was really entertaining and engaging tor read! Blogs set out nicely too 🙂

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