Studies in Aus…gets a pet kangaroo

According to the Australian government, our country “has the third-highest number of international students in the world…” (Source)

In relation to enrolling around 7 per cent of international students in some of the world’s finest universities, this has included; 150,116 students from China and 49,265 students from India, with a total of 526,932 international students in 2013 and that number has increased. (Source). Not only is studying in Australia affordable, flexible and well it’s great, but it’s home to seven of the top one hundred universities in the world!

In the subject reading for this week, current international students took place in researching their reaction and fitting-in to Australian society. Most students that took part in the research stated that they felt Australian’s didn’t want to know them or their culture etc. International students may find it hard to adjust to the sense of fashion, leisure activities and experiencing the nation on a social level. If it was myself in the position, I would also feel hesitant to approach others of another culture in another country, it’s scary. Getting to know some of the international students in my subjects throughout this semester has allowed me to not only expand my knowledge of their way of studying but learn about the culture even if they’re also an English speaking nationality.

In my opinion, international students are nothing but a great inclusion for Australian universities. It enables students to expand their knowledge and interact on a more social level. Getting to know my fellow peers allows me to help them learn about the way in which we live here in Australia.

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