Crossover Film!

“Crossover cinema is used to encapsulate an emerging form of cinema that crosses cultural borders at the stage of conceptualisation and production and hence manifests a hybrid cinematic grammar at the textual level, as well as crossing over in terms of its distribution and reception…” (Khorana, 2013).

It’s pretty simple to wrap your head around, just think of that old movie “The Parent Trap”. The one where the twins from two different lifestyles come together to get their parents back together blah blah blah you get my drift. It’s basically where two cultures combine in a single film, outlining any kind of traditions and lifestyles to convey a message.

If we were to get really into it, a movie like “Bend It Like Beckham” (2002) is a really good example. The film crosses obvious Indian and British culture. The film follows Jesminder, an 18-year old Indian girl living in London who wishes to play soccer but clashes with her strict parents who are against the idea due to their cultural views.

Most films we watch today show elements of cultural crossover. We don’t usually watch movies to take notice to these things but I hope now that I’ve written this you might take it in 😉

Crossover films are a great way to share the culture and tradition from around the globe. Although the characters are acting, the traditions are usually spot on especially classic Aussie films like “Crocodile Dundee”. The films display a sense of unionisation amongst the characters and they always send a message of acceptance.

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