Research Proposal : The University student’s guide to distraction.

If anything we all know we are constantly glued to our phones, our Instagram accounts and our Facebook feeds but do we actually know HOW much it impacts the way we go about our lives.

For my research assessment, I’m still yet to know what it is EXACTLY I want to look at but we can all agree that we all have been victims of group chat banter and constantly checking your likes after posting that “Sunday fun day” picture on Instagram all while trying to catch up on last weeks notes and preparing for that quiz tomorrow at 9:30am. I feel it’s some kind of scientific fact that humans are becoming more distracted due to technology and it’s relatable to any University student with a mobile phone!

I’ve currently taken a role working within the social media industry as an influencer for large brands. This means I tend to have a little more insight when it comes to what we want to read, watch and scroll through on any social media platform. As part of my job and being a teenager/uni student I have to come up with ways to engage and make my content pleasing to those who read it.

In terms of my research project, I want to focus more on the distraction faced by Uni students (at UOW). I want to understand, keeping science aside, why we always feel the need to KNOW and I guess its a type of curiosity we all have. I could be 10 lectures behind, agree to sit down and study but always find myself scrolling through my feeds aimlessly just because it seems more entertaining than Echo360.

In terms of gathering the information and stats, I would like to include my peers in all areas of study whether it be medicine, science or the arts and find out their responses. This would be done via surveys, interviews etc.

My overall approach to the research assessment would be to ironically KNOW why we function this way due to my curiosity about the impact of social media. Yes, we all like to post a throwback but our finals are particularly more important at this stage.

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