Research Project : UPDATE

Hi readers, in my last blog post I introduced my topic/area of research. I’m writing this blog post to keep all my information up to date. In the last blog, I wrote about being unsure about what focus question I was going to follow. Well, I solved this issue by doing a bit of research and brainstorming. So, for my research assessment I will be focusing on; “Social Media and it’s effects on University students”. To help with my research and build my background knowledge on the topic of social media, I have found multiple sources that are relevant to my study. One source; provides a brief timeline of the evolution of social media from its early years to now. This acts as a foundation source for my study. Another source; is an example of a similar study in the U.S. It outlines the various areas of focus especially on students at the college. It used 100 participants in an analysis of their behaviours and interaction on social media.

For this task, I will be focusing on the effects of social media on students, for example, distractions and procrastination. I will also be looking at the effects social media has on students as it has changed over the years. This includes the impact of a student’s reading and writing skills. So far, I have conducted a small portion of research using a survey created for students to participate in and answer relatable questions in relation to my study. I asked students how they get distracted, what are the main reasons they get distracted and procrastinate and asked if they have tried to moderate their use of social media while at University.

I will be constantly updating my progress with both my research and survey data. Also, participants from the survey can check this space for all updates. For those who are willing to take part in my research here is my survey link:


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