Hey, its me Lachy…Lachy Smith

Hello and welcome to well my space/blog/everything I want to write about place.

If you don’t already know me, I’m 19 years old living on the South Coast and doing ok. Let’s be real, you’re only here because a) you’re also studying Communications and Media with me b) you’re sitting in the same BCM241 lectures with me or c) you follow my Instagram (shameless self-promo). Now that we’ve discussed where I’m from and how emotionally unstable due to lack of sleep I am, let’s talk about WHY I’m here.

Well as a second-year student at UOW, this blog has become a platform where I can write MY OWN views on topics discussed in my course so in a way it’s my SPACE that’s a MEDIA platform 😉 You all get it, it’s this weeks topic/intro/complete blur.

Before entering the lecture (reading the slides…from home…) I had a general understanding of the platforms we use on a daily basis were categorised into “MEDIA SPACES”. The places we go to gossip, share and interact with one another in a digital format.

Back in the day, I remember racing home to MSN Messenger to tell my friends about all the dramas of the 11-year-old schoolyard. Even today, that’s me…the complete go-to guy for gossip but it’s all positive (insert shoulder shrug emoji). Media spaces make it easier for us to keep in touch, keep up-to-date and to always be interacting with one another. Even if we are 12.

As the evolution of (Social) Media Spaces grows, people decided to use it as a way to channel creativity, make a name for themselves and reach audiences on a global scale. Platforms such as YouTube and Instagram became a visual art gallery space as it enabled us to expand our creativity. People are always asking me; “Why are you so obsessed with taking photos? What makes you so different than the rest of us?”. I like taking photographs of the places I go, the things I eat and the people I meet! But seriously, we all look better in pictures, sorry we can’t all view me from a strategic 85-degree angle in warm lighting 24/7 ok…I’m upset about it too.

We’ve gone off track, so I’m going to conclude this spiel here. Media spaces allow us to reconnect and interact. I like taking photos of eggs benedict, my camera roll has 4000+ photos of “candids” of me and I hope you want to follow along with me this semester because it’s all up from here!

Stay salty,


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