“Channeling my inner Ringo Starr…”

From black and white to LED, television has had a way to bring people together since day dot. Even from a young age, I remember the “mote” (I couldn’t pronounce remote as a child) fights with my sister and the countless re-runs as I grew older. It all starts with a daily routine but ends with these memories I never thought I’d want to reminisce on one day. But times have changed, the LED screens came closer and hand-held, and mum stopped telling me my eyes were going to go square because she’s in the corner scrolling through Facebook. Times changed from when I was young but the one thing we as a family still make time for is sitting down for an evening meal to watch the one and only Home and Away (mum cooks so she gets the remote I guess…). Anyway, we can talk about MY memories of television but I want to talk about my dad, the one person who I think is the most in-depth storyteller anyone could come across. So, pull up the recliner, this guy has a story to tell.

“We already had a TV before I was born so that makes the story a little less interesting, doesn’t it?” – Dad, Terry, father, Papi any name goes. He told me he remembers that mildly entertaining show Play School and being a young boy he was honestly so excited by the amount of DIY creations one adult can do within half an hour. “The TV was black and white, probably about 30cm in width but boy I could cover the screen with my head I’d sit that close…”. There isn’t much of a story to tell other than a little throwback but dad remembers small things like show tunes and the little slogans they played on ads. “Up, up and away with TAO” was one he told me, something about an airline company. He said he used to love the thought of travelling via air but always jumped at the chance of a possible road trip with the boys and to this day he has this weird phobia of flying. We literally flew to the Gold Coast one summer and he was pacing up and down the plane the entire flight…it was an hour flight dad.

Anyway, this week’s lecture we spoke about how television over time, has enabled us to remember the small/large things that happen in our lives. When I asked dad, what was the earliest event he ever witnessed on a TV broadcast, he spoke about the moon landing but I wanted more. “Dad, what was something you watched as a kid that really created a spark in your mind? Please don’t say being a handyman because of Play School…”. Dad paused and started to ramble words such as music and The Beatles. He told me he watched the entire broadcasting of when The Beatles came to Australia and he remembers watching their concert live and from start to finish. “You could say that when you listen to them play on records and radio for years, watching them on TV was like a spark in my mind and even pushed me to start making music!”. This major event in Australian music history became a major event in my dad’s life. It was from watching their concert and seeing the chaos and the crowds, it pushed him to further his interest in making some tunes of his own. Even to this day, dad has always been a huge fan of the music industry and I remember as a child he used to sing these old-school classics and EVEN PLAYED IN A BAND (dad was the epicentre of Indie Music in the early ’80s). Although he never made it “big” he made it to the garage and small pubs, dad is a goddam rock star in my eyes.

So, there you have it, the story of how television changed the way dad thought about music and how being able to watch a concert allowed him to further his musical curiosity. Who knew that thinking so much about TV could bring back these many memories?

Stay kind, stay salty.


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