50 shades of Cinema.

It’s the concept of sitting in a room full of strangers, watching the same film and sharing the same experience that makes me smile a little. Constantly I hear that the concept of ‘cinema’ is a dying industry and I’m not okay with this. I remember the first film I saw at a cinema and it was “Finding Nemo” (2003), I was only 7. Me, being the actual terror of a child briefly I remember running crazy through the cinema because my friend just turned 7 too so life was grand!

This week in BCM241 we were asked to write about any good or bad experience whilst on a trip to the cinema. Well, have I got a story for YOU! It was Valentine’s Day 2015 and what a day to remember. The day Christian Grey blessed his presence on the big screen (oh and that girl too). I don’t think I’ve ever been surrounded by so many ‘man-hungry’ women in my life and well what a sight I tell you. Besides getting my frozen coke knocked out of my hand by the lady next to me, the overall experience was a 10/10. I didn’t know so many people were into that kind of STUFF when I saw 20% of women holding whips too…?

Torsten Hagerstrand came up with a framework to understand the declining cinema attendance (1960):

  • Capability Constraints’ limits on human movement due to physical or biological factors
  • Coupling Constraints’ restrictions on the autonomous allocation of time-space that need to coordinate with logistics or interaction with others.
  • Authority Constraints’ limits on when activities can or cannot take place; imposed by external parties and the environment.

(Witheridge. G 2015)

The film time was 8:30pm on a Thursday night where I drove myself and my two friends to the cinema – impacting our capability and coupling constraints. The authority constraints on our visit were the line-up to purchase the tickets (it was out the door). The whole concept of buying snacks there was not an option as we are all Uni students so a Kmart trip was a priority and well rules were MADE to be broken honestly. The overall experience of my trip was something REAL disregarding a large amount of middle-aged clapping when Grey’s abs took display across the screen.

So that’s it kids, 50 shades of eye shadow across a cinema and one to remember! 😉

Stay posted and stay salty.



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