Ethical Moments

It’s a moment in time when you capture an image. My interest in photography has allowed me to open my mind to all the possible meanings behind a photograph. Acting ethically when it comes to taking photos isn’t my forte…honestly, it’s none of our concern when we see that funny public act outside the nightclub on a Saturday and post it on every platform. But when shooting professionally or putting a whole lot of effort into a photo can open so many possible questions. Of the 2.23 Billion smartphone owners, every one of us are camera have the tendency to be ready for any possible photo opportunity whether we realise it or not.

Meet my friend Chantelle; we sit here and watch the sunset as often as we can. It’s “our spot” and honestly, I’m happy to keep it a secret. This image says so many things no one will ever know. This image was not a ‘candid’ it was her literally screaming “I hate society” into the void beyond her. Inspirational isn’t it. Chantelle, millennial and the right candidate for this week’s blog post.

I’ve always been a fan of the concept of Brandon Stanton’s “Humans of New York” where he first started on Instagram; posting portraits of people, telling their stories in the big apple. This concept of willingly sharing a fraction of their lives really engages my inner photographer. Ethically, he obviously asks for permission but he never asked for a “hot topic” story. These stories were anything, any life moment, negative or positive that they were willing to share to the world through one photo.

This brings me back to Chantelle and my love for taking photos. I didn’t ask to take the photo but I asked to share her message. As she holds her phone in the air and screams, I felt her anger and frustration. I felt the moment. I captured it.

You can take a picture of a person, but what if you could capture more moments like these instead of your friend passed out in the cab?

Stay posted and stay salty.


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