Instagram – The Digital Schoolyard

A bit to piece it together: 

Now that we have a bit of background into the 2018 world of Instagram, the basis of my report is to justify the effectiveness of its messages to its every day users. We’ve covered the concept of the rich and famous but it’s not who they are, it’s mainly the way they personalise their online persona for audiences.

As the Instagram world expands, new influencers begin to come out to play. It’s the life of the stylish, the foodies and the expensive lifestyle that makes these people somewhat famous in the eyes of an audience. Athletes, make-up artists, photographers, film-makers (YouTubers), the old superstars and the fashionistas the list goes on; they all make up for a large portion of the Instagram world.

Conveying the right messages to an audience about yourself online can be the underlining reason as to why influencers never have to compete with new comers to the game. Within the walls of Instagram, there are a variety of big names that take the cake for living the luxe life. The list continues to grow but I believe that the ones who portray their TRUE self online stand out from the crowd.

Cartia Mallan; an accidental celebrity after uploading a make-up tutorial for her friend on YouTube (W Magazine, 2018). The Instagrammer took to Instagram to share her personal life through large photo captions to not only build her presence but to give a realist insight to her life for those who followed her. Mallan also posts inspiring and self-help videos on YouTube for her audiences to take note and take part. I’ve added below one of her videos where she discusses her own ‘8 Tips To Living Your Best, Happiest, Most Fulfilling Life’: (4:15 – 5:15)

Along with her inspirational YouTube videos, Mallan takes to Instagram captions to engage with her audiences. She finds that it is the easiest way of reaching her followers and sharing her current life status.

Screen Shot 2018-06-01 at 3.54.23 pm

Mallan now works alongside agencies where she blooms for new opportunities to share with her viewers, and amongst the chaos lifestyle she may live, it seems she still finds a way to connect with her audience daily. Mallan, is a great example for my research as she justifies the concept of sending positive messages of her personal brand on a digital platform.

“It’s scary because you are putting a whole part of yourself out there that is vulnerable” (W Magazine, 2018)

The internet can hold a lot of negativity and amongst the list of influential influencers, there’s the ones who use the platform as a way to “only be in it for the money”. One of the largest stories of 2018 was the incident of Logan Paul (YouTube star) where he had vlogged vial images and scenes from a trip in Japan.

In January 2018, YouTube cut Logan Paul from their platform due to his vial vlog in December 2017. The vlog was a part of a day trip to Aokigahara forest, Japan, also known for its frequent forest. Immediately, Paul and crew are up against a real suicide in the forest just metres from the carpark. It wasn’t that Paul was in the forest but due to the YouTube filming the deceased body, laughing and joking occasionally about the situation is what made YouTube and viewers angry. BBC News wrote that Pauls channels were immediately removed from the platform due disrespect and disgust (BBC News, 2018).

Logan Paul is amongst many YouTubers and influencers who not only have a large net worth, but they also use their identity negatively towards audiences. Social media is made up of both good and bad users, but it is hard to maintain the right and wrongs across all platforms. He later tweeted an apology:

Screen Shot 2018-06-01 at 4.09.19 pm

Yours sincerely, Lachy.

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