BCM313 – A Reflection

CV Excerpt:

Working in the hospitality industry since I was 14, I have been able to collect a range of skills that I believe will improve my future career positions. The ability to work under pressure has allowed me to become a fast learner and also apply this skill to my university degree. Planning and time management are skills that I have learnt take time as it ties my ability to meet the expectations I am given by employers.

The hospitality industry comes with a range of highs and the expected many lows. As an employee in fast-paced environments, my interaction with customers is expected to be at a high tolerance. Being able to deal with any issues such as complaints and the odd difficult situation, are more of a learning cue rather than an impact on my own self-esteem and professional status.

An example where I can apply a range of my skills was when I was asked to run a shift in my current position at a busy restaurant. I knew I didn’t have as much experience in a higher role however my manager was certain I was able to fulfil her position for the day. I was confronted with one customer complaint where I knew how to handle from watching my boss in past experiences. I was able to satisfy the customer and retain their loyalty to the restaurant through following policies I identified with easily. The result of the day ended with me being able to reach the day KPI’s as well as satisfy both my staff and customers whilst having control of service.

I believe with my past experience within customer service, I will be able to pursue any career opportunity that comes my way. I take a strong belief in following policies as well as maintaining a professional status across all levels of my profession.

Subject Reflection:

Going into BCM313 I had some kind of knowledge of the course based on previous experiences that other students had. I find Kate to be a professional and mentor I want to strive and achieve in my future. BCM subjects have always been ones where they make me think about the topics that we wouldn’t necessarily think about. Now that I’m looking into starting my career, The Future of Work framework helped me understand that identifying the skills I have an applying them to my work is now important more than ever. I think Kate did a great job covering these aspects, almost like a tutorial of how to make the best of our working experience since we are going to be doing it for a long time now (maybe). The course topics highlight the importance of finding a conversation within a conversation which I found extremely interesting. I think we never realise that when we change a subject mid-conversation, we tend to explore our thoughts a lot deeper and get distracted but in a positive way. I just want to thank Kate for opening my mind and giving a helping hand into finding a direction and a use for the skills I hold. I will be recommending this subject in the future.

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