Reflect & Construct – Part I

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To me, feedback and reflection play a significant role in the ways I further my interest in the media industry. This blog post provides a collection of feedback I have given to 3 of my fellow classmates of BCM325 this semester. After reading and listening to their pitches for the final Digital Artefact this semester, I have been able to engage with their ideas and construct feedback I believe could help to further their research and construct a comprehensive final result.

Future of Leisure & Fitness  – Allanah Johnson

Allanah is looking at the concept where modern technology meets fitness, wellbeing and leisure audiences. She wants to provide hikers and walkers information on places they might like to visit through video documentation. As well as providing information about the places she visits, she also wants to look closely at the environmental factors and where national parks etc. can look to improve and maintain the environment according to data of foot traffic and tourism. Allanah also wants to share her personal health data whilst taking these routes and sharing with audiences.

With this, I suggested that she expand her area of hiking tracks further south including the Royal National Park and utilise the platform they have that provides immense information for hikers much like herself. In terms of her audience, I thought utilising Fit Bit’s ‘Challenges’ tool could also enable her to gain further insight into how her audience is engaging with her content.

Furthermore, Allanah has a great concept of exploring all aspects of leisure hiking and I believe this information can be greatly useful for those looking to visit the area, especially tourists and local hobbyists.

Full comment here

The Future of the Digital Art Business – Olivia Burt

Olivia’s Digital Artefact is her focus solely on growing her Vector Art business via channels such as Instagram and Redbubble. The concept of vector art is completely new to me so I was very excited to find out more about it post listening to her pitch.

Olivia wishes to use this DA as a concept of developing a strategic business plan for her art business. Through the use of her current Instagram and Redbubble accounts, Olivia is looking to eventually build profit by making and selling her vector art to a digital customer base. I found this very entrepreneurial and very interesting to see a university student utilising her degree in order to build a future.

I made a recommendation that Olivia do as much research about the best ways to target and feature her art on both of her platforms. I provided resources for both Instagram and Redbubble that will hopefully enable her to gain insight to match her business plan. It’s important to utilise ALL tools provided by social media platforms as it’s growth and making people aware of what the product is, is a must.

I’m very excited to see how Olivia goes with this DA as it’s very innovative, new and fresh. Vector art is something I’ll be looking more into so I could hope that with this DA, Olivia could help bring this form of art to the surface of digital art.

Full comment here 

The Future of Sport – Amanda Bustos

After viewing and reading Amanda’s pitch for her interest in exploring the avenues of the future of sports, I found it intriguing as the industry plays such a large role in the world today. Her execution and interest in the topic drove my focus solely on the areas of sport she wants to investigate.

I liked her concept of curating a variety of short video and copy that enables her to build a final report of her findings. The utility of background research and data collection strongly compliments her final DA as it will allow her to construct a strong yet summarised version of her research.

I did recommend to Amanda that narrowing her basis of research to a selected few sports could be more influential in terms of gathering primary and secondary data. In terms of data collection, narrowing down her research might enable her to identify followers of these sports and conduct focus groups for a more effective response. I also thought that since we are looking at the ‘future’, she could benefit from looking into gaming and virtual reality gaming.

Overall, based on the information I received from Amanda’s DA pitch I was able to identify her key focus points and acknowledge that there is room for improvement. I take this form of feedback into my own research as I could now identify my own avenue for my DA. I look forward to seeing Amanda’s final piece.

Full comment here

Through providing feedback for three of my classmates, I was able to grasp an understanding of the importance of criticism and how it can reflect the construct of our research. From this, I’ve learnt that amongst the different ideas and concepts of the future, I’m able to locate the significance and importance of reflection and feedback and how these tools benefit our learning and development.




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