Fashion and AI – A BETA Research Update

Hi guys and welcome back.

So far not a whole lot has changed in terms of the concept of my final digital artefact piece. However, based on feedback from my peers I have decided to construct a final blog post instead of a Prezi to present my research.

I have also begun collecting data via my personal Instagram account as I stated in my pitch. I received a tonne of positive responses included feedback from a professional perspective from an individual working in trend forecasting for a clothing brand.

Overall, I’ve found a tonne of new research and decided to focus solely on the technological and environmental factors of AI in the industry. I think it will allow me to narrow down my research and look at the opportunities and challenges looking innovatively into the future.

Resources discussed:

C. Welch, 2018, ‘Amazon’s Echo Look fashion camera is now available to everyone in the US’, Online Article, The Verge. (

Saponaro, M., Le Gal, D., Gao, M., Guisiano, M. and Maniere, I.C., 2018, December. ‘Challenges and Opportunities of Artificial Intelligence in the Fashion World’. 2018 International Conference on Intelligent and Innovative Computing Applications (ICONIC) (pp. 1-5). IEEE.

VR – Tailor Personal Stylist (



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  1. Hey, like how you have utilised your existing Instagram profile in order to gather information and feedback for your project. It really does pay to capitalise on what you already have first rather than trying to start from scratch. It looks like it certainly paid off for you and you have managed to get some positive interactions with your followers. The questions you have asked are also quite important, and I can see you have taken on board what you have found with the responses and used it to guide your research. I agree that using a blog is a far better way of showing people this research along with your feedback.

    As for the topic, I personally had no idea we were already using a form of AI with fashion. The VR apps you talk about give me huge Clueless vibes! Especially the opening scene with Cher picking out her outfit for school.
    I had a quick search for sources for you that might be helpful. One is about the fashion industry embracing 3D prototype technologies as a way of reducing the impact on the environment with the production of products.

    Evridiki Papahristou & Nikolaos Bilalis (2017) Should the fashion industry confront the sustainability challenge with 3D prototyping technology, International Journal of Sustainable Engineering, 10:4-5, 207-214, DOI: 10.1080/19397038.2017.1348563,

    Also, this link will take you to a study on artificial intelligence being use t generate fashion styles.
    Hopefully, they’re insightful and help you with your research. Good luck


    1. Thank you so much for the feedback! I thought I may as well take advantage of the platforms I have in order to get a better perspective from a similar interest group. I agree, it’s very Clueless vibes but based on my survey a lot of people are kind of clueless about it all too! Which is good for my DA as I want to lay that foundation of information for a future audience. The sources you provided could also be used as another factor of my research so I thank you for that too 🙂

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  2. Hi Lachy,

    I’ve very much enjoyed your beta presentation. It clearly presented about the surveys you’ve done and the narrowed two topics you are going to focus with respect to the AI in fashion industry. And you’ve also used online platforms like instagram to get more people engaged into your research. I’m appreciated to your efforts on it and here are some thoughts after I looked up relevant resources, hoping to be helpful for your final digital artefact.

    As for the two factors you are going to focus, I think you did a great job. Technological trends determines the future fashion. Futhermore, fashion industry is regarded as FMGG (fast moving consumer goods) with big pollution it makes. It also being criticized by the cruel way of treating animals. However, companies like Zara and H&M have already made changes to make the industry greener, here are some links might be useful for you to consider the environmental factor:

    As for examples, the AI concept store of Alibaba attracted me a lot. Because Alibaba is a Chinese company and the population in China is large enough to support some ideas like online retailing, Alipay and AI concept stores. So it might be helpful if you explore it further. The following links may give you some thoughts on how we can better actualize the AI concept into fashion industry.

    All the best!

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  3. Hi Lachy,

    I just want to begin by saying that the overall delivery of your beta presentation was great and was easy to follow along and to see you have already started collecting research to help you for your final assignment. Using your own personal Instagram account worked well in gaining guaranteed feedback to help further narrow down the certain aspects you are researching.

    You mentioned from previous feedback you have opted in making a blog post instead of a Prezi presentation which i’ll also have to agree on. It would be a great addition to your ‘online portfolio’! Another aspect you might like to consider is some form of video embedded into your blog post. I have used several times both in High School and at Uni and found it super easy to create and embed into a blog post so you may like to consider using something similar for your final blog post.

    Upon further research of my own you may like to also consider using Reddit if you ever need some extra research feedback. I did a quick look around and found several different sub-reddits and posts already uploaded relating to AI in the Fashion Industry.

    I was also able to find a research article on different AI technologies currently used in the Fashion Industry (

    Good luck with the rest of your research and can’t wait to check out your final blog post! 🙂

    – Georgie 🙂

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