Thinking Green – Sustainable Fashion

While David Attenborough films climate change and the rest of us buy keep cups and metal straws, it’s time for the Fashion Industry to start taking notes.

According to the ‘Measuring Fashion – 2018 Report’, (read the full paper here), each aspect of the industry (footwear & apparel) accounted for an estimate of 8.1% of global climate impact. Now, in terms of numbers, that’s roughly the same amount of powering 477,787 houses for an entire year. It doesn’t seem like a lot but it’s some kind of issue that we can help resolve!

As we move into an innovative future with newer technologies, fashion brands are now becoming more open to changing things up a little. Whether it be from designing to selling a product, companies are now adopting more eco-based systems to help minimise their environmental impact.

I guess as fashion consumers, there are plenty of things we can also do to help the environment. Amongst the array of issues, an article by Sustain Your Style outlines the various environmental factors faced by the production of your newest winter sweater. Highlighted in their article, a selected few such as waste accumulation play a large role not just as an industry but as a global impact. With waste being such a big impact, there are so many possible solutions such as recycling clothing (op-shops and charities) or simply adapting to a ‘quality over quantity’ buying behaviour. The good news is many large fast-fashion brands have decided to help reduce their environmental impact!

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In 2013, the beloved brand H&M became the first full-scale apparel recycling plant. Their sustainable approach to minimising clothing waste saw a collection of over 20,000 tonnes of textiles returned in stores increasing its yearly collection of 16% between 2017-18 (see the full rundown here). It’s small moves like these that can instigate a large change as the industry moves into the future.

As fashion lovers in 2019, I hope this provides SOME kind of insight into the internal and external changes within the industry. Doing your research also helps, a lot of consumers are looking further into the brands they buy from and gaining further insight into the background of the design and manufacturing processes.

If anything to take from reading this, change is inevitable and it’s great to see how the fashion industry is starting to play a significant role in protecting the environment. The future of fashion doesn’t always rely on the companies/brands themselves, us as a customer have the chance to implement change also.

That’s all.



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