Tweeting & Engaging – Part II

Hi, it’s me again!

As per my first blog post about my experiences live-tweeting in my BCM325 class, it’s only fair to take into consideration the feedback I had been given about my reflection. Live-tweeting over the past 12 weeks now has enabled me to engage a whole lot more than I expected with sci-fi movies I’ve never seen before. Between weeks 8 – 12, we watched films that explored more modern views of the future! These were; I-Robot (2004), Robot and Frank (2012), Marjorie Prime (2017), Blade Runner (2049) and The Matrix (1999).

Based on the feedback I was provided from my previous reflection, it was suggested that I pre-write my tweets, drawing in on research early enough to come into the live-tweeting for the week. Doing this, I was able to not only view more of the film but find different areas to research based on what is shown in the films.

Alongside pre-planning my tweets, I wanted to use the final four weeks to generate more engagement with my tweets. Whether this is through receiving likes and retweets, I wanted to generate conversation threads as well as engage with others on their tweet threads. In doing so, some tweets received more engagement than others which is kind of expected as I believe when it comes to live-tweeting posts can get lost in the chaos.

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Much like previously in the semester, I set a goal to think outside of the box a lot more in terms of the films we viewed. I believed by doing this, I was able to increase intellectual conversation with my peers. Watching these types of films has somewhat enabled me to expand my own knowledge about the future and research different avenues of the themes portrayed in the films.

As an art & tech geek, I’ve always been interested in the way’s filmmakers incorporate elements of modern-day technology into their interpretations of the future. Previously, I enjoyed discussing the architecture of the film’s representation of the future and we saw in Blade Runner 2049 the depiction of the original film being adapted to films made today. talking all things art, I took note of the artistic elements of filmmakers utilising colour as a tool for anticipating the mood of futuristic analogies of the film. I thought this was a surprising theme of discussion and it shocked me as to how engaged I was to live-tweeting about my research.

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My live-tweeting antics this semester has not only enabled me to expand on my ability to research and engage in films and experiences, but it’s also helped me become more confident with intelligent conversation. I believe that engaging with the films this semester has opened up a new interest in exploring the future a lot more. Reflecting on my experiences, I know I’m no genius to the concept of live-tweeting but I feel I’ve grown to enjoy bringing my inner nerd out a little more this semester. Based on conversation and engagement with my classmates, live-tweeting is a great tool for interacting with the course topics and has given me a great idea of what the future holds for us all.

Thanks for coming!

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