AI In The Fashion Industry – Contextual Essay

Over the course of this semester, I have had the ability to build my understanding of what the future holds for us. My digital artefact allowed me to combine my interest in fashion and my curiosity for the future and compose my own research on the chosen topic.

My digital artefact explores the factors driving clothing brands to introduce artificial intelligence into their online business growth. Being a marketing major, I feel it’s important for me to expand my knowledge of the marketing world and understand how brands are looking to change in the future. My digital artefact acts as an online research report that will allow a public audience to gain knowledge about practices based on the research I conducted. By incorporating current examples of brands such as H&M, Tommy Hilfiger, Google and Pinterest into my research, I hope to provide enough reliable information for a future audience as we see the increase of these technologies grow over time.

In terms of research, I conducted two surveys both posted via my personal Instagram account. I believed that with the audience I have grown over time, I have been able to engage with individuals that share the same interests and I was certain I would gain an immense immediate response. Using two phases of surveys, the data I collected focused solely on gaining information currently being used in the industry as well as positive feedback moving into the future. The first survey I acted as a brand wanting to gain customer engagement on clothing products to highlight the effect of using consumer insights. The second survey I used Instagram polls to allow respondents to answer questions based on current AI systems as well as gaining feedback on the innovative future of the industry as a whole. The main use of the surveys was to highlight how little we know about brands using AI whilst we scroll our newsfeeds and add items to our cart. Having this kind of research in my DA will give people a visual perspective on how AI is being integrated into the digital world of fashion.

My DA provides a foundational idea of what we can expect from the fashion industry between now and the future. Having the ability to share this information with a public audience has allowed me to become both engaged and informed and share my ideas. I believe that these types of technologies go unnoticed in our lives due to the growth of the digital age. As a utility for future reference, my DA explores the various aspects of current and futuristic goals of the fashion industry. Based on my research, I was able to underline what we are seeing now on our digital consumer experiences as well as how artificial intelligence plays a key role in the development of a greener more sustainable planet in the future. I believe that providing information about issues that aren’t discussed in mainstream media such as the impact of the industry on the environment will provide prominent information for those who use this research for utility.

The focus of my DA is to utilise research to educate in areas where technology is showing a dramatic increase moving into the future. As the world adapts to the rapid change from a digital perspective, the fashion industry is developing new ideas of how innovation combined with technology can make a larger positive impact on consumers in the future.

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