European Summer – A Guy’s Guide

It’s usually around this time of year when the temperature drops to anything below 15 degrees, Australian guys and gals jet off to Europe and other parts of the world to escape the cold. But I guess you could say we’re pretty used to the warmth considering the continent is basically a desert island with a few nice beaches. 

During the scorcher season, Europe comes alive with bustling tourists trying to get that perfect Instagram post and crowds flocking to the coast to get some of those European rays. However, the fashion experience in Europe is slightly similar to Australia, yet it becomes more diverse as newer crowds introduce new ideas of dressing for the occasion. Here’s what we can expect in the summer of ’19: 

Beach Vibes: 

We have beaches in Australia, yes but it’s Europe. Gone are the days of basic singlets, graphic board shorts and the trusty Havaianas. For us men, this summer we could start seeing the introduction of neutral colours and a LOT of linin to pair with it all. Linen in summer is a man’s best friend and a go-to look to avoid that summer humidity. Thongs/flip-flops are honestly every man’s favourite shoe, they’re simple and convenient but in mu opinion VERY outdated boys. Since you’re going to be doing all that walking from bar to bar, tour bus to museum and hiking (odd for a holiday) it might be time to introduce a comfortable sandal or plimsol into the day trip outfit. So, in summary, the beach babe outfit in 2019 now comes with neutral colour, weather-appropriate materials and a comfortable sole to run around on another continent. 

Untitled design

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Summer Evenings: 

Going out while on vacation is one of the best ways to really immerse yourself in the culture on the other side of the globe. Whether you’re in a Parisian restaurant embracing their love for snails or the beach club in San Sebastian, dressing for the occasion can be simple yet impressive. We’ve seen how linen shirts tackle the heat during the day, now linen pants are a complete changer! Pairing linen pants with the cute button up or basic tee serves us real cabana boy vibes. In terms of shoes, loafers WILL become your best friend during the humid nights. Apparently, brown boat shoes are a major trend in the European summer so I guess grab a pair of those too to really make the outfit. 

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Accessorise Always: 

Accessories are easy, they just differ based on what we’re wearing for the day. For example, hats and sunglasses are a great way to show the face if we’re already staring at the coordination of the clothing below! But it’s time to put away the aviators, wraparounds and Raybans this trip boys. Also, put that captain’s hat you got from your Croatia sail in the bottom of your bag…it’s a souvenir and you’ve already told everyone you did a sail via your Instagram story. Caps, hats and sunglasses sound like a basic accessory, but they’ll make you stand out in a crowd of thousands in any Italian city Piazza. 

The summer fashion in Europe allows us to really immerse in our surroundings, we’ve already spent thousands getting here so why not dress the part? For us guys, it’s all about combining the basics and turning it into a crowd-pleaser. This guide is just a general idea of what we can expect to see and what we’ve seen in the past, with new seasons comes new ideas so that doesn’t stop you from doing your own research before you jet off! 

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