From Spin-Class to Brunch – How Activewear Is Making Its Mark In the Industry

Activewear – comfortable, flexible and the newest addition to our wardrobes. Over the past few years, the style has grown to become one of the hottest fashion trends to take the globe. What used to be strictly gym or fitness-wear, the new category of clothing is now walking off the treadmill and onto catwalks in shows around the world. To me, fashion is a way of expressing and standing out from the crowd, so now designers and companies are introducing new ways to incorporate fashionable gym clothes into our closets.

Activewear today is making major statements. Yoga pants are now considered an appropriate brunch pant when paired with a Uniqlo vest and fitted blouse, this is only just the beginning. Over the past five years, we have seen more and more people engaging in physical activity so it’s just as important to really dress the part! Both the Australian and global fashion scene is seeing an increase in both boutique and couture activewear brands that are making statements both inside and outside the gym.

UK activewear brand Gymshark introduced concepts of combining its core values into innovative creativity. Founder Ben Francis began his fashion journey from a garage printing production to now an expected $200M gym-wear enterprise in 2109. During Paris Fashion Week 2018, the company conducted a show of their own by inviting models to attend a ‘slow & steady’ workout testing out the Gymshark pieces in one of the fashion capitals.

If we bring it back home to Australia, there are is an immense amount of activewear brands that have the fashion industry in awe. One of which making their mark in the industry is P.E Nation, a Sydney based fitness-wear brand established by Pip Edwards and Claire Tregoning. The brand’s focus of producing clothing that combines both street and sportswear while introducing forward fashion through functionality and comfortability of fitness-wear. Earlier this year at the MBFWA, P.E Nation became one of the first of the industry’s first activewear brands to walk the catwalk and showcase its own version of activewear meets couture.

The focus of activewear has drifted from the concept of providing workout gear to the individual, nowadays it has become a way to improve the functionality of the everyday outfit. Brands are constantly looking for innovative ways to minimise the stereotype that “gym clothes” cannot simply be anything more. The activewear industry fills the gap and adds a new category of clothing that provides the individual with tangible products for all aspects of daily life.


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