Crossover Film!

"Crossover cinema is used to encapsulate an emerging form of cinema that crosses cultural borders at the stage of conceptualisation and production and hence manifests a hybrid cinematic grammar at the textual level, as well as crossing over in terms of its distribution and reception…” (Khorana, 2013). It’s pretty simple to wrap your head around, just think of that... Continue Reading →


The term globalisation can relate to a variety of concepts and according to O'shaughnessy & Stadler 458 globalisation refers to “…an international community influenced by technological development and economic, political, and military interests…” and is “…characterised by a worldwide increase of interdependence, interactivity and interconnectedness…”. (Source) It is argued that globalisation has a variety of... Continue Reading →

Studies in Aus…gets a pet kangaroo

According to the Australian government, our country “has the third-highest number of international students in the world…” (Source) In relation to enrolling around 7 per cent of international students in some of the world’s finest universities, this has included; 150,116 students from China and 49,265 students from India, with a total of 526,932 international students in... Continue Reading →

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