AI In The Fashion Industry – Contextual Essay

Over the course of this semester, I have had the ability to build my understanding of what the future holds for us. My digital artefact allowed me to combine my interest in fashion and my curiosity for the future and compose my own research on the chosen topic. My digital artefact explores the factors driving... Continue Reading →

Artificial Intelligence in the Fashion Industry

In the past, the fashion industry has solely focused on providing the world with not only something to wear but introducing new concepts, designs and ways to express ourselves. As the decades roll on, we can take these concepts and apply them to new innovations with thanks to technology which has enabled brands to adapt... Continue Reading →

Tweeting & Engaging – Part II

Hi, it's me again! As per my first blog post about my experiences live-tweeting in my BCM325 class, it’s only fair to take into consideration the feedback I had been given about my reflection. Live-tweeting over the past 12 weeks now has enabled me to engage a whole lot more than I expected with sci-fi... Continue Reading →

Reflect & Construct – Part II

Hi, it’s me again. As I discussed in my first reflection post, feedback is important to provide a foundation for new ideas research and project construction. This blog post follows on this idea but focuses on the middle to final stages of my classmate’s digital artefacts. Engaging with their BETA presentations, I have been able... Continue Reading →

Race, Religion & Soda – An Ethical Explainer

What Happened? On 5 April 2017, Pepsi released its newest advertisement for what we assume was the new font used on its fizzed drink. From a viewer’s perspective, this was the most confusing advertisement produced by Pepsi corporation. So, what made this advertisement so controversial? Regardless of Pepsi including the reality star Kendall Jenner in... Continue Reading →

Tweeting & Engaging – Part I

Prior to attending my first BCM325 seminar, I had no idea what the concept of live-  tweeting was. As a marketing major, I wasn't completely aware that live-tweeting played such an important role in this subject but over the past 6 weeks. I found that is such a prominent and interesting tool for learning. This... Continue Reading →

Reflect & Construct – Part I

Hi and welcome back. To me, feedback and reflection play a significant role in the ways I further my interest in the media industry. This blog post provides a collection of feedback I have given to 3 of my fellow classmates of BCM325 this semester. After reading and listening to their pitches for the final... Continue Reading →

BCM325 – Task 2 Part 1

Hi guys, my digital artefact for BCM325 this semester will focus on the exploration of the integration of artificial intelligence into the fashion industry. Looking 10 to 20 years down the track and reflecting on what is being introduced now, my artefact will discuss the ways companies are looking at using consumer insights and artificial... Continue Reading →

BCM313 – A Reflection

CV Excerpt: Working in the hospitality industry since I was 14, I have been able to collect a range of skills that I believe will improve my future career positions. The ability to work under pressure has allowed me to become a fast learner and also apply this skill to my university degree. Planning and... Continue Reading →

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